Black Pop Up Spray Tanning Tent – Professional Mobile Spray Tan Cubicle

Black Pop Up Spray Tanning Tent – Professional Mobile Spray Tan Cubicle

Black Pop Up Spray Tanning Tent – Professional Mobile Spray Tan Cubicle

With its waterproof and leak-proof features, this pop-up spray tan tent is designed to contain all overspray so walls, floors, carpets, Procare Universal CTS Wrist Brace – Large and surroundings stay entirely mess-free. Its simple pop-up format makes assembly possible in mere seconds without any fiddly fixing of poles – saving time, energy, and effort.

For Home, Salon, or Mobile Business Use

Ideal for use at home or in a salon, the highly portable element of the tanning tent also provides a perfect solution for mobile beauticians or tanning technicians. The entirely collapsible design means the tanning tent can even be used in smaller homes or salons where space is limited. When the tent is not in use, it can simply be packed away in its small nylon carry-bag and stored until it is needed again.

A Wealth of Features

Durable and convenient, the tanning tent incorporates a wealth of features to make the process of spray tanning as easy as possible. Its generous dimensions provide ample head height for even the tallest of owners or clients while its heavy-duty floor gives extra durability where it is most needed. This feature also ensures extra protection for floors and greater comfort for users.

Clear PVC Upper Section Skylight Roof

The upper third of the tent is made of a clear, see-through material. This provides plenty of light to reach inside to ensure perfect, even spray results. A further feature is the incorporated flap which allows an extractor fan to be used if desired for drawing excess spray. When not in use, New Improved NeuroTrac Continence Pelvic Floor Muscle (Kegel) Stimulator this flap can be zipped to maintain the tent’s protective enclosure element.

Save Time, Energy, and Effort

Assembled in mere seconds and entirely collapsible for space-saving and easy storage. The pop-up design means assembly is fast, easy, and stress-free. There are no complicated poles to fix or fiddly fixings – just pop-up and go. The tanning tent is also easily disassembled after use so it doesn’t have to stay permanently set-up and taking up valuable space.

Folds Away into a Carry Bag Which is Included

When the tent is not in use, it conveniently folds away into an included nylon carry bag with zip and a handle. Offering protection while the tanning tent is being stored, it also adds extra portability for mobile tanning technicians who need to transport the tent from client to client. Once disassembled, its light weight and small size add to its portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is the tanning tent easy to assemble?
  • A: Yes, the pop-up design allows for easy and fast assembly in seconds.
  • Q: Can the tanning tent be used in small spaces?
  • A: Yes, the collapsible design makes it suitable for use in smaller homes or salons.
  • Q: Is the tanning tent waterproof and leak-proof?
  • A: Yes, Safco A4/ DL Pockets Rotating Floor Standing Display Unit it is designed to contain all overspray and protect the surroundings.


The Black Pop Up Spray Tanning Tent is a professional mobile spray tan cubicle that offers convenience, durability, and mess-free spray tanning. Its easy assembly, collapsible design, and wealth of features make it the perfect choice for home, salon, or mobile business use. With its waterproof and leak-proof properties, it ensures that walls, floors, and carpets stay clean. The clear PVC upper section allows for perfect spray results while maintaining privacy. The tanning tent’s stain-proof material makes it easy to clean, XS Scuba Miflex Low-Pressure Braided Hose and its included carry bag adds portability. Experience a hassle-free and comfortable spray tanning session with this innovative product.